How Far Left Will The 2020 Democrats Go?

The Democrats will have some explaining to do to Coloradans when they’ve finished out-left-ing each other to win the 2020 primary for U.S. Senate. For now, candidates like Andrew Romanoff and Mike Johnston are busy racing to the left to appeal to a small, vocal, Democratic base. In doing so, both men have firmly places themselves far to the left of the Colorado mainstream.

Andrew Romanoff’s platform includes his support for the ‘green dream” energy proposal, immigration reform, and doubled down on his support for government-run health care. Romanoff has, on multiple occasions, worked to undermine the extremely popular Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

Mike Johnston is best known in state for his failed 2018 gubernatorial campaign, and his efforts to reform education which put him at odds with the powerful Democratic teachers union. Johnston knows that he needs to put significant energy into promoting his progressive agenda promoting gun control, immigration reform, energy regulations and government-run health care in order to get back on the Democratic nice list.

As they race to the left to win their primary, Johnston and Romanoff have lost touch with the Coloradans they’ll need during the general election.

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