Mike Johnston Is Up For Giving Away Coloradans’ Votes

Joining the National Popular Vote Compact is akin to Coloradans giving away their vote in presidential elections, yet that’s what Democrats in Colorado want to do. Why? Because they’re angry that they didn’t win in 2016. So, they’re opting to give our state’s electoral votes away to Los Angeles and Manhattan, where the most extreme liberal candidates are sure to win the popular vote. 

U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Johnston said publicly that he supports giving away Coloradans’ votes. 

“Yes. I support reforming the Electoral College…I support the popular vote. I think we ought to believe the idea that one person, one vote is what this country was built on, and I think Colorado ought to follow that path.”

Unfortunately for Johnston, this idea isn’t very popular among Coloradans, and there’s a massive grassroots effort to give voters a chance to overturn the law.

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