Rocky Rollout For Non-Candidate Jena Griswold

It’s yet to be seen if Colorado’s newly-elected Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, will jump ship after less than a year in office to join the growing list of Democrats running for Senate, but she’s getting plenty of flack from her side for thinking about it. 

Other Democratic women in the race aren’t too pleased with Griswold’s new “exploratory committee,” which allows her to fundraise for her campaign without needing to adhere to the stricter rules of official campaign finance. And which she predictably launched following a favorable poll commissioned by her supporters

Note: In a separate poll that includes former Governor John Hickenlooper, Griswold’s support falls dramatically from 15% to 4%. 

Here’s what fellow Democratic women are saying about Griswold: 

Stephany Spaulding, a candidate for Senate, took her frustrations about Griswold to Facebook

“if you truly believe a person is qualified for a seat, how do you begin exploring a run for the same seat after they have stepped up to run?”

-Stephany Spaulding

Click here to read Spaulding’s full rant.

Others raise issue with Griswold in The Denver Post, but for another reason…she was JUST elected as Secretary of State. 

Senate candidate Lorena Garcia, said:

In running for Senate, Ms. Griswold would be abandoning the job the voters elected her to do, before even a first term expires.”

And yet another candidate, Trish Zornio, had this to say:

“I would merely direct Coloradans to question the motive of anyone who accepts one political office only to ask for a different one mere months later, and specifically the merit of any elected official who refuses to acknowledge the inherent conflict of interest of being tasked with oversight of an election and running in the same election.”

Griswold has come under fire in her short time in office for bringing partisan politics into the Secretary of State’s office. Including collusion with advocacy group Planned Parenthood and her decision to ban employees from attending training events in Arkansas because of abortion policy in that state. 

“Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s actions have broken faith with Colorado” – Kyle Clark, 9News Next with Kyle Clark.

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