What Dems Are Saying About Hickenlooper

CO Dems are not “Arms Wide Open” for Hickenlooper

Progressive Activists and Opponents Signal Slugfest for Democratic Primary Nod

Andrew Romanoff: “Well, what I heard Governor Hickenlooper tell everybody who asked was that he wasn’t cut out to be a senator and didn’t want the job.”  

State Sen. Angela Williams: “‘I’m sorry Gov. Hickenlooper’s presidential race didn’t work out. But he spent his time in Iowa running for president and as governor working and campaigning against bold, progressive solutions that will move Colorado and the country forward. If he’s going to switch gears and run for the Senate, he has a lot to explain to Colorado voters. This won’t be a coronation.’” 

Diana Bray: “Because Democrats act out of cowardice and fear. They think there is some savior who will walk in and save us from calamity. Hick is not that person. He is not the “safe” choice for a win next Nov. None of the men are. There is no safe choice.”

Alice Madden: ‘Ultimately it’s up to John to decide if he wants to run, but I am putting 100 percent of my efforts toward becoming Colorado’s first female Senator and true clean energy champion.’” 

Mike Johnston’s Pollster: “Hickenlooper is not special. He’s not a savior. We don’t need him” 

Trish Zorino: “Hickenlooper is reported to drop out for Senate. But CO already has a candidate — me! In 142yrs we’ve never elected a woman in CO. I’m a scientist w/ experience in healthcare/ed. 1st gen, rural background, bold vision. Pls L/F/RT to support us!”

Dan Baer: “There are new voices ready to lead across our state and in the U.S. Senate, voices who understand that there is no back to normal, there’s only forward to normal.”

The Gazette Editorial Board: “Hickenlooper should think seriously about what he said and did while seeking the presidential nomination. He made a fool of himself Aug. 9 during an interview with veteran Denver radio host and attorney Dan Caplis.”

Hickenlooper — desperate for the approval of extreme abortion-rights groups — refused to answer. Rattled, Hickenlooper pretended he was late for a meeting. He told Caplis he had scheduled only 2 minutes, then walked away from the mic.”

Desperate for the White House, Hickenlooper routinely assured the country he is not a good choice for the Senate…One of Colorado’s two Senate seats cannot be the consolation prize for Hickenlooper’s failed presidential bid. Indeed, as he insisted in recent months, this could be a bad fit.”

Sunrise Movement Organizer Michele Weindling: “He’s definitely not somebody that we will support as a Senate candidate…There are a lot of candidates that are currently running on the idea of being climate champion, and Hickenlooper is definitely not one of them.”

Indivisible Activist Dana Miller: “He’s got a lot of explaining to do…We will need to hear some pretty strong plans for climate, because of his ties to oil and gas.”

I wonder about the conventional wisdom that says, ‘If he gets in, he’s got it, it’s a done deal’…I don’t know if that’s necessarily the case.”

Broomfield City Councilwoman Guyleen Castriotta: “He’s just a little too industry-friendly, I think…He didn’t prioritize health and safety, and he had every opportunity to do so.”

Activist Shaun King: “It’s sad that many politicians just seem to crave public office more than they actually want to make the world a better place.”

Former Senate President and Mike Johnston supporter, John Morse: “I have been very supportive and respectful of John Hickenlooper,” Morse said. “That was before he paraded around the country taking credit for things that he didn’t do.” 

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