Hickenlooper’s CDOT Fails Colorado

Under the leadership of John Hickenlooper, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) failed Coloradans. A recent study even found that Colorado is ranked 36th in the nation for worst highway performance and cost effectiveness.

What went wrong at CDOT under Hickenlooper’s watch, and why didn’t he do more to fix it. 

Findings from a recent state performance audit of CDOT are alarming: 

  • In 2017, CDOT spent 37%, or $582.7 million, more than their approved budget. In the real world, someone would be fired for this gross mismanagement. 
  • The audit couldn’t track how $1.3 billion, or 80% of their overall budget, was spent
  • CDOT lacks a process to detect and deter employee fraud through data analysis
  • CDOT doesn’t always close construction projects in a timely way, delaying the release of budgeted construction funds. 

This summer, a portion of U.S. Highway 36 that was built with much fan-fare only a few years ago, collapsed. The estimated cost to fix it is $20 million. 

While the audit didn’t find blatant fraud, they did say there was “suspicious patterns and anomalies.” 

And as a punch to the gut to taxpayers, this was all happening around the same time that CDOT was paying more than $150 million for new office space. 

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