Colorado Politics: New super PAC set to take down Democrats in U.s. Senate race

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The conservative advocacy organization Colorado Rising Action has a new political cousin with money: Colorado Rising PAC.

Run by the same people in charge of the advocacy organization, the new political action committee has the same relative mission: “defeating the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate in Colorado in 2020.”

The Colorado Rising PAC said Thursday it would use trackers, research and “earned media communications strategies” to go after Democrats, noting in particular that former Gov. John Hickenlooper had joined the race.

“The Democrats running for the Senate have endorsed extreme policies like the Green New Deal and kicking Americans off their employer-based health coverage,” Michael Fields, who doubles as Colorado Rising Action’s executive director, said in a statement.

“While supporting a socialist agenda might play well in the Democratic primary, a vast majority of Coloradans know that it fails every time it’s tried,” he said. “This race to the left is bad for our state, and we will ensure that Coloradans are able to hold Democrats accountable for their positions.”

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