Throwback: Hick’s Greatest Flops, Gun Control Edition

Before dropping out to run for Senate, Hickenlooper paraded the presidential campaign trail saying he could “get things done” on gun control because he had in Colorado. It’s true that Hickenlooper signed the Democrat’s gun control legislation into law in 2013 to ban large capacity magazines and universal background checks. But, as former Senate President John Morse said, “Did he help [Democrats] get the votes that we needed? No.”

In fact, following the signing caught Hickenlooper’s bizarre apology to Colorado sheriffs that was widely reported and is worth watching:

After this video was made public, Hickenlooper was on damage control mode trying to clear up the lies he told and reassure the Democrats that he really didn’t mean it…

  • Fox 31: Hickenlooper clarifies remarks to sheriffs: “I’d sign the magazine ban again”
    • In his first interview on the subject, Hickenlooper told FOX31 Denver that he wasn’t aware he was being filmed last Friday during a meeting with the sheriffs in Aspen when he appeared to backpedal on the magazine ban, agreeing with one sheriff that it was unenforceable and telling the group that he didn’t expect the legislation to even make it to his desk.
    • On Friday, he acknowledged that he wasn’t hamstrung by a staffer’s promise but that he and staffers made the decision to sign the magazine ban and that any promises made by staffers were at his own direction.
    • “I didn’t know that this was public, that this was going to be recorded,” Hickenlooper said. 
  • Fox 31: Hickenlooper acknowledges speaking with Bloomberg after flap with sheriffs
    • Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper acknowledged that he did indeed speak with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg during last year’s protracted political battle over gun control legislation, something he appeared to deny while addressing a group of Colorado sheriffs on Friday.

Complete Colorado: Phone records of conversations between Hickenlooper & Bloomberg

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