Racial harassment of GOP tracker gets smiles and pleasantries from Romanoff

As you know from the photo in the Denver Post article, Derrick is African American, and over the weekend he experienced racist harassment from a supporter at a Romanoff campaign event. 

While the harassment was from an unknown supporter, this isn’t a good look for Romanoff, who observed the supporter and acknowledged him by saying, “Thanks, Vincent!”

The camera visual is focused on the Democrat candidate, but you can see the supporter approaching our tracker. Here’s some of what “Vincent” had to say:

“I will admit to being really, really curious about a brother who is supporting Republicans. They told me that there was an African American dude supporting Republicans and I said, no, no that’s not happening. But it is, you’re a brother! Good lord man, what you thinking?”

“They told you to keep quiet. And you do what you’re told?…Now I understand! Cause the brother who would be supporting Cory Gardner would be the guy who does what he’s told.” 

He then says he’s going to take a picture of the tracker to send to his friends who “won’t believe this.”

Listen to the interaction here.

In response, Colorado Rising Action Executive Director Michael Fields says: 

“What this guy is saying is that someone’s skin color should dictate their political party and beliefs, and unfortunately this isn’t the first time that Derrick has been the target of attacks like this at Democrat events. Romanoff should have done the right thing instead of thanking his supporter.”

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