Hickenlooper: “[The Media] Should Be Protecting Me On Stuff Like This!”

In an interview with Denver Channel 9 Next With Kyle Clark on the ethics investigation into gifts and trips that John Hickenlooper accepted, the former governor exclaimed, “[the media] should be protecting me on stuff like this!”

Click here to watch the clip:

Here’s a statement from Colorado Rising PAC communications director Lindsey Singer:

“John Hickenlooper’s message to voters: ignore these ethics investigations. Hickenlooper’s message to journalists: you should be defending me. Hickenlooper needs to be held accountable for these questionable actions during his time in office.”

-Lindsey Singer

During his time as Governor, Hickenlooper appeared to be an advocate for transparency and accountability for those in office. In his 2016 autobiography, The Opposite of Woe, Hickenlooper said that when he became Governor, he wanted the voters to be able to hold him accountable:

And during his presidential campaign this year, Hickenlooper called himself a “believer in transparency” and said it should be an obligation for anyone who is “going to be in a leadership position in this country.”

It appears that his position has shifted now that ethics committees and journalists are starting to hold him accountable. 

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