Hickenlooper’s Shameful Use of Taxpayer $$

A report released today by The Denver Post digs deeper into former Governor John Hickenlooper’s use of a federal fund intended to help states recover economically post-September 11, 2001 by providing states with money to cover “essential government services,” but which Hickenlooper used for personal benefit. 

In December, Democrat Legislators shot down a request by Republicans to audit the fund for any potential misuse. 

The report finds that among the expenses covered by the fund, Hickenlooper paid $13,000 for a website “touting [his] legacy,” $20,381 to rent a state-owned airplane, $111,842 for “personal services,” and at least $399,006 in dues to national associations. 

Here’s a statement from Colorado Rising PAC Executive Director Michael Fields in response to the new findings: 

“Despite the efforts of Democrat legislators, Coloradans now have more information about how our tax dollars were spent. Hickenlooper should take responsibility for his actions instead of passing the buck.”

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