Hickenlooper Proves CO Deserves Better

John Hickenlooper’s failure to take any responsibility for accepting gifts and trips from friends, and misusing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a post-9/11 federal fund intended to help in economic recovery, has only fanned the flames of the investigation. 

And the media, rightfully, isn’t letting go. In depth reporting from The Colorado Sun and segments on CBS4 continue to dig into the federal funds like the one being used to pay Hickenlooper’s lawyer in the ethics case at a rate of $525 per hour

Here’s a quote from Colorado Rising PAC Communications Director Lindsey Singer on the ongoing ethics investigation: 

“Hickenlooper’s seeming failure to understand why Coloradans care about a $525-an-hour attorney, and continuous attempts to shift blame to his staff instead of taking any personal responsibility shows what kind of leader Hickenlooper really is. Our state deserves better.”

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