We must save the Republican Senate majority

More than ever before, the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown has shown us how vital it is for the future of our nation that we hold a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate. We need all the conservative common-sense we can get in Congress.
And that’s why we’ll be working nonstop through November to make sure we defeat “sleepy” John Hickenlooper and keep Cory Gardner in the Senate.
Here at Colorado Rising PAC, our sole purpose is to hold radical, leftist Democrats accountable and expose any hidden hypocrisy. We know the mainstream media won’t do it, so we make this promise to you: If you support our work, we’ll have the resources necessary to hold the Democrats to account for every word and action.
John Hickenlooper is showing Coloradans that he thinks he can just phone in the campaign and count on his gang of Washington Elites to push him over the finish line. We’re committed to holding Hickenlooper accountable while he uses the virus to push radical leftist policies like Medicare-For-All and expanding environmental controls.
But, we can’t do it without your support. Help fund our efforts by clicking here to make a $5 donation.
Protecting the Republican Senate majority runs through Colorado, and we won’t let them have Senator Gardner’s seat without a fight.

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Thank you in advance for your support.
Michael Fields
Colorado Rising PAC
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