Hick rakes in corporate & PAC $$ despite campaign promises

A new report from the Free Beacon highlights John Hickenlooper’s campaign finance hypocrisy.

“Colorado Democratic Senate candidate John Hickenlooper, who frequently touts his opposition to corporate influence in politics, has hauled in more than $1 million from corporate executives and lobbyists and hundreds of thousands more from PACs that take corporate donations.”

Hickenlooper has directly collected more than $1 million from executives at high-level corporations, $70,000 from high-level federal lobbyists, and $180,000 through a corporate PAC loophole. 

“Hickenlooper has also vowed not to accept money from corporate PACs. Despite that promise, he has accepted $180,000 through a loophole—taking donations from Democratic leadership PACs fueled by cash from corporate PACs.”

All of this is happening while Hickenlooper’s campaign trail rhetoric has been solidly anti-corporation – even securing an End Citizens United endorsement. Coupled with his upcoming ethics hearing on free private jet and limo rides, Hickenlooper has a lot of questions to answer surrounding gifts from his rich friends. 

What does Hickenlooper have to say about all this?

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