Brauchler: Hickenlooper needs to face Ethics Commission, even if it is remotely

View source: Denver Post

John Hickenlooper intends to skip a remote hearing this week to determine whether he violated Colorado’s constitutionally-enshrined ethics rules and gift ban when he repeatedly accepted and failed to disclose luxury benefits from for-profit companies while he was governor. That would cheat Coloradans out of the truth we deserve about important ethical and legal issues.

Hick’s aversion to the Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) process is more than a result of the political risk to a U.S. Senate candidate who has Biden-lite moments when unscripted, let alone vigorously cross-examined by an experienced attorney on unedited and publicly accessible video. Hick has historically treated the IEC and its rules as something to be ignored.

Absent hearing from Hick on these concerning decisions at the IEC hearing, Coloradans can conclude that the John Hickenlooper we once hired to be governor, who wants us to hire him as U.S. senator, is a rich man flying above the law on rich corporation’s planes, defended from violations of our ethics laws by a rich man’s attorney at a rich man’s rate…and working-class taxpayers pick up the tab. And he won’t respect our laws enough to even show up for the hearing. Coloradans deserve better. We deserve the truth.

George H. Brauchler is the district attorney for the 18th Judicial District.

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