Hickenlooper Funded Admin With Private Corp $$

CBS4 just released their investigation into millions of dollars from private corporations and foundations that Hickenlooper accepted while Governor with no public oversight. ​

“The CBS Denver piece raises even more questions for Coloradans about Hickenlooper’s time in the Governor’s office. It looks like the instances investigated by the IEC were just the tip of the ethics iceberg,” said Colorado Rising PAC Communications Director Lindsey Singer. 

Later today, the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission is scheduled to decide on sanctions for Hickenlooper’s violations of Amendment 41 and contempt charge. And we are just four days away from the next primary debate where we will surely see Hickenlooper attempt to dodge his way out more questions around his cozy relationships with corporate donors while in office. 

Hickenlooper was right. He’s not cut out to be a Senator.

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