Hickenlooper Calls Group of African Americans “Articulate”

Colorado Rising PAC released tracking footage of a behind the scenes moment between John Hickenlooper and one of his staffers where he describes a group of mostly African American people as “so articulate.”

The footage was picked up by national outlet, The Intercept.

AT A LUNCH with the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance in 2019, Colorado Senate candidate John Hickenlooper, referring to a group of black ministers, said, “These guys are so articulate,” drawing on a racist trope about black people. 

The comments, unearthed and posted on Twitter by Colorado Rising PAC, a conservative advocacy group focused on the Senate race to unseat vulnerable Republican Sen. Cory Gardner, are the latest in a series of gaffes for which the former Colorado governor has had to apologize for. 

This comes in the midst of several apologies Hickenlooper has had to make for race-based comments. Joe Biden sparked outrage in 2007 when he referred to then presidential contender Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”

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