Hick Should Pay Back Legal Fees

John Hickenlooper racked up at least $133,000 in legal fees on a defense lawyer for the ethics investigation in which he was found in violation of two out of six counts investigated. 

Hickenlooper, whose net worth is estimated between $7.8 million and $23.6 million, should reimburse Colorado taxpayers for his legal fees. 

“Millionaire Hickenlooper violated our state’s ethics laws, and there are a lot better things that Coloradans can use $133,000 for than paying his overpriced legal fees,” said Colorado Rising PAC Communications Director Lindsey Singer. 

Mark Grueskin, a high profile lawyer in Colorado, was brought on by the Attorney General’s office to defend Hickenlooper at a rate of $525 per hour — far higher than an attorney appointed through this office generally makes. 

In a year where state legislators have had to cut the budget by more than $2 billion, they say that every little bit helps. Teachers (who are paid an average salary around $43,000) and students could benefit from that $133,000. 

The six instances investigated by Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission were just the tip of the iceberg as the original ethics complaint refers to. Hickenlooper’s team and national Democrats also advertise that there were almost 100 complaints filed against the former governor, the majority of which were thrown out because of a 1-year statute of limitations. 

Hickenlooper should do the right thing and pay Colorado taxpayers back.

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