U.S. Treasury Asked To Investigate Hickenlooper

There is a new complaint against John Hickenlooper relating to the federal post-9/11 economic recovery grant used to pay for his $525 per hour legal defense during the investigation into his ethics violations which has so far cost Colorado taxpayers more than $133,000

“Hickenlooper’s ethics problems are continuing to plague his campaign. He should do the right thing and pay back Colorado taxpayer’s for his legal fees,” said Lindsey Singer, Colorado Rising PAC Communications Director.  

Representative Doug Lamborn filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Treasury.

The federal grant at issue, the Federal Tax Relief Act of 2003, explicitly prohibits Governor Hickenlooper’s appropriation to pay for an attorney to defend him against state ethics violations…and the payment must be authorized by the state budget. 

The fund, which was approved to pay for his legal defense before Hickenlooper left office in 2018, was also used by his office to pay for more than $540,000 worth of inappropriate expenses during his time as Governor. ​

“The Inspector General is a nonpolitical federal law enforcement organization tasked with oversight of federal funds,” Rep. Doug Lamborn said. “The Inspector General is the appropriate and respectable organization to conduct a non-partisan investigation of this serious allegation.”

“We cannot allow the potential misuse of federal funds under any circumstances,” Lamborn said.

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