New Report: Hickenlooper’s Lies Catch Up With Him

John Hickenlooper isn’t known among Coloradans for being a terribly hard worker, but that won’t stop him from trying to claim it. A new report from the Denver Post cites proof that Hickenlooper took vacations at least twice during serious natural disasters in the state.

U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper, who has criticized Sen. Cory Gardner for taking a “vacation” during the coronavirus pandemic, himself took vacation time out of state during wildfires when he was governor.


The claims about Senator Gardner were made about an in-state work period where, like all other Senators, Gardner was in the state working.

The more Coloradans learn about the real Hickenlooper, the less they like him. His ethics violations, his repeated racial gaffes, abusing a federal post-9/11 economic relief fund for his own benefit, and the fact that he believes he should be protected by the media.

And he just can’t compete with Senator Gardner’s work ethic. Gardner has written and passed more legislation into law than the rest of the Colorado Congressional delegation combined! And he’s been there for less than 6 years.

Coloradans aren’t buying it!

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